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Vol10,1 (2016)

1. Application of Water for Synthesis of Cyclopentadienes via Multicomponent Reactions of N-methyl imidazole

Alireza Ahmadi Agh Mashhadi, Zinatossadat Hossaini

2. Synthesis, Spectral, Biological and Theoretical Investigation of Some New Sn(IV) Complexes with Schiff Base Ligands Containing NNOS Coordination Sphere

Sheida Esmaielzadeh

3.  Nanocatalyst of ZnO Supported Copper Oxide Catalyzed Chemoselective Synthesis of 1,1-diacetates

Jalal Albadi, Azam Mansournezhad

4. Removal of Alizarin Red Dye using Calcium Hydroxide as a Low-cost Adsorbent

Thimmasandra Narayan Ramesh, Ashwathaiah Ashwini and Devarahosahally Veeranna Kirana

5. A One-Pot Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Ketenimines by a Three- Component 2-hioxothiazolidin-4-one, Alkyl Isocyanides and Dialkyl Acetylenedicarboxylates

Khadijeh Yadollahzadeh

6. Decolorization of Cationic and Anionic Textile Blue Dyes from Aqueous Solution with Advanced Oxidation Process – Using H2O2 and Various Catalysts

Fatemeh Jahedi, Hamid Modarress, Elham Keshmirizadeh1

7. Application of Magnetic-modified Fe3 O Nanoparticles for Removal of Crystal Violet from Aqueous Solution: Kinetic, Equilibrium and Thermodynamic studies

Shiva Dehghan Abkenar

8. An expeditious One-pot Synthesis of Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines using ZnCl .SiO 2  2 as a Recyclable Heterogeneous Catalyst under Solvent-free Condition

Haleh Sanaeishoar, Mina Bashirpour, Fouad Mohave

9.  A Theoretical Study on Applying Conformational Analysis of 2-Halo-2-Oxo-1,3,2-Dioxaphosphorinanes

Fatemeh Azarakhshi, Nazanin Farhadyar, Mehrnoosh Khaleghian

10.  An Efficient Protocol for the Synthesis of 2-amino-3-cyanopyridine Deriva-tives using Nano-modified SBA-15

Behrooz Mirza, Neda Nasseri

11.  Green bio-synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Ziziphora tenuior L Water Extract

Sajjad Sedaghat, Parvin Afshar

12.  Department of chemistry, Malard Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Bita Mohtat, Hoorieh Djahaniani



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