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Vol 9, 2 (2015)

1. Synthesis and Insecticide Activity of Octahydroquinazolinone Derivatives

Ali Akbari1*, Asghar Hosseini-Nia2


2. Three-component Process for the Synthesis of Some Substituted Pyrroles using Water as a Green Solvent

Fatemeh Sheikholeslami-Farahani


3. HCl- Etched Steel Fiber for Determination of Phthalates in Water Samples by Solid-Phase Microextraction

Afsaneh Mollahosseini1*, Nima Baghbadrani2, Seyed Saeid Hosseini1


4. Swelling Characterization of Nanocomposite Hydrogels of Poly (acrylamide-N- vinylimidazole)

Zhila Shirzadeh1, Shahrbano Foladi1, Kh. Didehban2


5.  Instantaneous  Green  Synthesis  of  Zerovalent  Iron  Nanoparticles  by  Thuja orientalis Extract and Investigation of Their Antibacterial Properties

Masumeh Noruzi*1, Maryam Mousivand2


6. Novel Solvothermal Route for the Synthesis of Pure Ultrafine Anatase Nanoparticles

Aliakbar Tarlani*, Fatemeh Darkhosh


7. Synthesis and Characterization of New Schiff Bases of Ethylenediamine and Benzaldehyde Derivatives, along with their Iron Complexes

Rafeye Radfard, Anita Abedi*


8.  Synthesis of Phosphorus Derivatives via Multicomponent Reactions

S. Zahra Sayyed-Alangi


9.   Formation of Cupric Oxide Films on Quartz Substrates by Annealing the Copper Films

Alireza Hojabri*, Fatemeh Hajakbari, Masoumeh Najarsadeghi


10. Improvement of Desulfurization Performance of Rhodococcus erythropolis IGTS8 by Assembling of Spherical Mesoporous Silica Nanosorbents on the Sur- face of the Bacterial Cells

Navid Ahmadi Nasab1,2, Hassan Hassani Kumleh1, Mahmood Kazemzad*2, Farideh

Ghavi Panjeh2, Fatemeh Davoodi-Dehaghani3


11. Magnetic NiFe O  Nanoparticles as an Efficient Catalyst for the Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyl Compounds in the Presence of Oxone as an Oxidant

Ali Ramazani*1,  Fariba Sadri2, Abdolhossain Massoudi2, Mehdi Khoobi3, Sang Woo

Joo*4, Leila Dolatyari5, Vahid Azizkhani1


12. An Efficient Synthesis of Benzylamino Coumarin Derivatives via Three- component  Coupling  of  4-hydroxycoumarin, Aromatic Aldehyde  and  Cyclic Secondary Amine Catalyzed by CuO Nanoparticles

Hossein Anaraki-Ardakani*1, Behrooz Mirza2, Nader Mokhtarian3



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