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Vol 8, 4 (2014)

1. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Lead (II) Complexes with Schiff Base Iminopyridine Ligand

Nasrin Fallah, Mohamad Reza Talei Bavil Olyai


2. Screening and Optimization of Microextraction of Pb(II) by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Using Response Surface Methodology

Maryam Salahinejad, Fereidoon Aflaki


3. Quantum Mechanical Study of the Structure, NBO and HOMO–LUMO Analysis of Molecule Oxaliplatinium

Reza Ghiasi, Nooshin Parseh


4. Preparation, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of Ag-Cd-ZnO and Ag-Cu-ZnO Nanostructures

Bahar Khodadadi, Maryam Bordbar, Maryam Sajedi


5. Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Properties of Some Thiocyanato Bridged Heteronuclear Complexes of Nickel

Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Tania Sultana Rupa Department of Chemistry, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh


6. One –Pot Synthesis of Polyhydroquinoline Derivatives via Hantzsch Condensation  Reaction Using Nanosized Magnesium Oxide as Heterogeneous Catalyst

Hakimeh Mirzaee, Hoseyn Eshghi, Ahmad Izadyar


 7. Diastereoselective Synthesis of Stable Phosphorus Yields by a Three-Component Reaction between Ph P and Acetylenic Esters in the Presence of Hydrazine Derivatives

 Safa Ali-Asgari, Seyyed Javad Hosseini, Khalil Pourshamsian, Mohammad Bagheri,Ehsan Naghizadeh


8.  Rice Bran as a Sorbent for Malonic Acid from Aqueous Solution

Narges Samadani Langeroodi, Vida Jodaian, Sepideh Mehrani


9. Comparison of Photocatalytic Activities of Two Different Dyes Using Pt-Mod- ified TiO2 Nanoparticles under Visible Light

Akbar Jodat, Mahboubeh Ghamkhari, Mehri Alizad Nikjoo


10.  One-pot Three-component Synthesis of Phosphonate Derivatives

Sayyed Zahra Sayyed-Alangi


 11.  Antifungal Activity of Silver Nanoparticle in Different Sizes against Some Pathogenic Fungi

Monir Aghamoosa, Azar Sabokbar


 12.  The Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study for Decolorization of Congo red from Aqueous Solution Using Electrocoagulation Process

Neamat   Mohammadlou,  Mohammad   Hasan   Rasoulifard,   Motreaz Vahedpour,Mohamad Reza Eskandarian



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