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Vol 8, 3 (2014)

1. In Vitro Release Studies of Enoxaparin in Nanoparticle form and Enterically Coated Tablets Containing Surfactants

Orkide Ghorban Dadras1, Morvarid Goharzadeh1, Mohammad Reza Avadi*2,3, Zahra

Ghassemi3, Asal Mirmohammad Sadeghi3

2. Solvent Effect on Protonation Constants of L-alanine and Alanine Methyl ester in Different Aqueous Solutions of 1,4-Dioxane

Mehry Seyed Mojarad Somaryn1*, Farrokh Gharib2


3. Production of Nano TiO Coatedon Polypyrole Film for Degradation of Organic Dye 2

Razieh Razavi*, Sayed Mohammad Ali Hosseini


4. Determination of Metal Contents in Edible Vegetable Oils Produced in Iran Using Microwave-assisted Acid Digestion

Leila Farzin*, Mohammad Esmail Moassesi


5. Effect of Thickness on Structural and Morphological Properties of AlN Films Prepared Using Single Ion Beam Sputtering

Fatemeh Hajakbari*1, Alireza Hojabri1, Majid Mojtahedzadeh Larijani2


6. Inductive Effect of Bioactive Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding Complex of 1,2,4,5 –Tetrazine and Inorganic Acid by NMR and QTAIM

Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani*, Arash Ghoorchian


7. Synthesis and Swelling Behavior of Gelatin-Based Hydrogel Nanocomposites

Gholam Bagheri Marandi*, Ghazal Beheshti Rouzbahani, Mehran Kurdtabar


8. Decolorization and Degradation of Basic Blue 3 and Disperse Blue 56 Dyes Using Fenton Process

Elham Keshmirizadeh*, Mina Faraji khajehghiasi


9.  Synthesis of Ibuprofen with Modified and Economical Process as an NSAID Drug

Abbas Ahmadi*. Marzie Danialia, Sara Kazemia, Samira Azamia, Noshin Alizadea




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